Controlling the whole process,
to achieve natural products


Natural emulsifiers

The main emulsifier is the whole egg, using both the egg white and egg yolk, which means that the different ingredients are mixed well and do not separate, as happens where only the egg white is used. With the addition of eggs in our recipes, we are providing food that is highly nutritious and full of protein. Egg protein is considered to have the highest biological value, since it contains the essential amino acids for the body. The fats that predominate in eggs are mono- and polyunsaturated, mainly Omega 3, which is very beneficial for the body.


The body needs specific fats that are found in vegetable oils such as sunflower. Sunflower oil, which is beneficial for the body, is also known as unsaturated fat or “good fat”.Sunflower oil is obtained from the seeds and has very positive nutritional characteristics. Our industrial cake recipes: madeleines, sponge cakes, muffins, cakes, etc., are produced with this vegetable oil, beneficial for the body. Industrial bakeries may use other vegetable fats in manufacturing processing such as soy, coconut, maize and palm.

Chocolate and cocoa

come from the only fully integrated chocolate company that carries out the entire manufacturing process, from the supply of cocoa beans to the finished chocolate product. Their products are supplied to the entire food industry, from food manufacturers to craftsmen and professional users of chocolate, such as: chocolatiers, pastry chefs and bakers, hotels, restaurants and catering service providers.


Fresh, pasteurised milk any yoghurt is supplied daily  from dairies close to our factory farms, to ensure the freshness of these essential ingredients in the preparation of our recipes. Cow’s milk is pasteurized. Both milk and yoghurt are prepared using all, mainly natural, hygiene procedures to ensure the final products maintain these properties and are, therefore, very nutritious.

The eggs are sourced from nearby farms to ensure they are within the correct time period, a maximum of 28 days. The farms comply with the 2012 regulations on animal welfare.