with which we enrich our “Bizcocho” sponge cakes has recognised qualities as a food and as a natural sweetener. It is basically an energy food. The physical, chemical and organoleptic characteristics of honey are determined by the type of nectar the bees collect.

Pine nuts

It is a very important food for a balanced diet, in addition to having a high nutritional value, it is the dried fruit which is richest in polyunsaturated fatty acids. They also contain different minerals, notable among which is a high phosphorus content which is associated with the proper maintenance of bones and teeth, and magnesium, which contributes to the normal functioning of neurons. Also notable is vitamin E, found in higher percentages here than in other nuts such as walnuts and peanuts.


are high in potassium, which is necessary to maintain a perfect functioning of the bodies, as it helps to purify us, through the elimination of liquids and toxins from our bodies. It also contributes to the good maintenance of the tendons and joints and diminishes the risk of the occurrence of cramps. Other notable properties include their high fibre content, necessary to maintain a perfect intestinal transit. In addition, they are a good source of antioxidants. This is due to the high content of bioflavonoids, which provide cell protection in that they prevent cells from being affected by attack from free radicals, precursors of ageing and diseases such as cancer.

The eggs

with which we use in all of our recipes, are fresh, grade A eggs, so that they are of an exceptional quality. In addition, and in order to address all hygiene issues and at the same time comply with health regulations, they come in a liquid and pasteurized form. They are a very complete source of protein, indeed are considered as the benchmark protein standard. They also contain essential vitamins and minerals.

Wheat flour

Wheat flour is the main ingredient for the production of bread, cakes, etc. Among its nutritional properties, notable are the following nutrients: iron, protein, calcium, fibre, potassium, iodine, zinc, magnesium, sodium, multiple vitamins and phosphorus. Wheat flour is cholesterol-free and is therefore beneficial for our circulatory system and our hearts.

Fresh, pasteurised milk and yoghurt

Both milk and yoghurt are well known as a source of calcium and for being a basic food in all stages of life. They also contain vitamin D, which helps to absorb calcium. The proportion of calcium to phosphorus from this food group also facilitates the absorption of this mineral. For these reasons, although there are other foods rich in calcium, thanks to their widespread use, dairy products are the main source.

Chocolate and cocoa derivatives

that we use in our product range is pure chocolate with no substitutes, resulting in a delicious food with great nutritional interest. It provides the body with energy in addition to being an important source of riboflavin (vitamin B2), a nutrient that helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.