Big fairy cake with sugar on top

Wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil, pasteurised liquid egg, pasteurised milk, humectants (glycerol, sorbitol), raising agents (sodium bicarbonate, disodium diphosphate), stabiliser E 466, flavouring and preservative E 200.

Keep well closed in a cool, dry place.

Nutrition declaration

Average value per 100 g. · 3,53 oz.

Energy 1873 kj / 446 kcal
Fat 23 g.
of which saturates 3,4 g.
of which monounsaturates 7,3 g.
of which polyunsaturates 12,6 g.
Carbohydrates 53 g.
of which sugars 27 g.
Fibre 3,1 g.
Protein 4,8 g.
Salt 0,68 g.



Logistics Information

Code 4435

8 Packs/Box

48 Boxes / pallet